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Learning Guides for Guiding Children as They Learn Through God’s Creation

Our Philosophy

// : Intentional Lifeschooling : //

We believe children learn best when they’re given the freedom to learn, explore, and soak in the world around them. When we allow them to uncover things they are curious about, ask questions, and grow in the knowledge of what interests them, learning comes naturally. It’s because of this, that we also believe in being intentional about the environment we allow our children to freely learn and grow in. God’s creation is filled with endless opportunities for learning. From God’s truths, to lessons in character, to everyday life skills, to the basics- creation makes the best learning space for children to learn and grow in.

Our Learning Guide is simply that: a guide for YOU, as you strive to diligently train your children while allowing them to soak in the wonders of our Creator, learn His truths, and discover who God called them to be.

Our learning Guide can be used as a comprehensive homeschooling curriculum for preschool and kindergarten aged children or as supplementation for children of all ages- the possibilities are endless!

The Learning Guide

Our mission at Honeycomb & Handiwork is to provide a resource that will support you as you guide your child in freely learning through God’s creation!

Nature Based

There is so much to learn through God’s creation.  Our Learning Guide is designed to get your children out in nature, exploring the world around them, uninhibited.  Our guided studies are filled with nature based activities for you and your child to walk through together.

Monthly Guide

Here is what is included in each study:

  • Eight + Guided Experiences
  • Suggested Reading List
  • Memory Verse Cards
  • Print Outs
  • Access to our online community

Christ Centered

The foundation of our Learning Guide is God’s word.  Each study and experience will include scripture for teaching and memory verses. We will explore God’s creation and strive to bring everything we learn back to His truths.

Planting Roots

Each lesson is designed with your child’s soul in mind.  Each month, these studies will help you as you guide and disciple your children to know the Lord.

  • Learning Who God is
  • Character Building
  • Hiding Scripture in our hearts
  • Life skills

Well Rounded

Our Learning Guide is designed to be your one stop resource for all subjects for preschool and kindergarten aged children.  It can also be used to supplement for older learners. 

  • Bible Memory
  • Sensory Experiences
  • Nature & Science
  • Reading & Writing
  • Math
  • Life Skills

Mom Support

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  • Build Community
  • Share & Learn Ideas
  • Lift Each Other up

Come Learn With Us!

New Learning Guides available monthly!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Learning Guides
    • 8 Guided experiences
    • Suggested Scripture Reading List
    • Hand painted Memory Verse Cards
    • Helpful Print-Outs
  • Resources
    • Ideas for daily application
    • Online Support System
    • Guides for setting up indoor learning environments to support your unit study

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